Alzheimer’s Drug shown to Regrow Teeth.

When teeth suffer a cavity and the soft inner pulp becomes exposed, infection can soon follow. However our body does have a natural defense against this, it can produce a thin band of tough, protective dentine that seals away the tooth’s insides. Sadly though when a cavity has become too large the only way to save the tooth is to have it repaired by a dentist with artificial cements.

Agent Provocateur (US)

That is, until now. Groundbreaking research coming out of London England has shown that a drug (Tideglusib) that’s normally used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, can stimulate stem cells contained in teeth to generate new dentine, the material under the enamel.

The researchers showed it is possible to soak a small sponge made of collagen with Tideglusib and insert it into a cavity, where it stimulates the stem cells to produce new dentine. The biodegradable sponge dissolves over time, leaving only the repaired tooth behind.

This new ability to stimulate teeth to heal itself, has the potential to revolutionize the way dentists treat cavities. 

When this new and exciting treatment will be approved and available for consumers is not known yet, so in the mean time don’t throw away your toothbrush yet!


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