Revolutionary new miracle Drug reverses aging.

A revolutionary chemical compound developed by Dutch researchers makes it possible to reverse the aging process.

So far, researchers have already succeeded in slowing down aging. “But turning back time proved to be very difficult,” says Peter de Keizer, biologist at the Erasmus MC Molecular Genetics department and main role player in this study.

The drug developed is named Proxofim, and works by interfering with the binding between proteins. Proxofim takes on cells that play a role in aging. These are the so-called senescent cells, cells that have stopped to multiply, but that are not really dead. “Their metabolism continues to excrete all kinds of proteins, including inflammatory substances. This in turn speeds up the aging of healthy tissue and interferes with the work our organs do. They also play a role in cancer: the senescence cells make cancer less sensitive to chemotherapy and can accelerate tumor growth. In short: those cells you really want to lose,” says De Keizer.

Proxofim kills these senecent cells. And it converts the surrounding stem cells to create new tissue. It is a peptide, a small protein that penetrates easily into the cells. In lab mice the effect was enormous. After three weeks, they walked two to three times in their running wheels, improved their organ function, and after 10 days they started regrowing hair.

And even though Proxofim hasn’t been tested on humans, it is now available on the internet for several thousand dollars a dose. A Chinese company has started production after the scientific study had been published in the peer reviewed scientific journal Cell a month ago.
Good news for people who don’t want to grow old, bad news for pension funds?



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