Meet the world’s first biodegradable car.

The first world’s first biodegradable car named Lina has been made by a Dutch university. The electric car’s entire chassis, body and interior are made from 100% bio-based materials. The car weighs just over 310 kilograms/680 lbs and is extremely efficient. It seats four people.

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Instead of a steel chassis, Lina’s chassis is build using a combination of bio-based composites and bio-based plastics. This bio-based composite is made from flax, a plant that can be easily grown in any moderate climate. The bio-composite has a strength/weight ratio similar to glass fibre. A honeycomb shaped core produced from bio-plastic, known as PLA and made entirely from sugar beets, is placed in-between two flax composite sheets to provide stiffness to the strong composite.

Lina’s drivetrain is electric. Power is supplied by modular battery packs, giving a power output of 8kW. The car uses 2 DC-motors. This allows the car to reach a top speed of just over 80 km/h – 50 mph.

This little car might be the next step to the car of the future. Sustainable materials, an efficient drivetrain and a practical use in cities due to its small dimensions. 

watch video below:


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