This weeks Favorite Song: Modafinil Blues by Matthew Dear.[audio]

Matthew Dear is an American music producer, DJ and electronic avant-pop artist. Modafinil Blues was released June 29, 2017 by Ghostly International, the label Matthew co-founded in 1999.

Megan Buerger on writes: ‘The song is a patient, pulsing, goth-pop jewel that pulls the best elements of new wave — all the sex, melancholy and sly humor — and saunters off into the darkness. The song is paced like a haunted house, with scatterings of staccato synths, mysterious chirps and faint whispers echoing in the distance. Fantastically eerie and bizarre, they provide a perfect backdrop for Dear’s bluesy, groaning vocals, which are just flirty and soothing enough to keep you plugging along.’


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